Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to bring guests to play golf?

Yes, members are allowed to pay their balance by credit card online or in the golf shop.


Do I have to be present for my guests to play golf?

No. We realize that there may be times when it is not possible for you to play with your guests. However, we do require you to make the starting time for them and you will be responsible for their behavior.


Am I allowed to bring guests to eat at the restaurant?

Absolutely. As with our guest golf policies we have very liberal guest policies in the restaurant. You may bring as many guests as you like whenever you dine with us with no restrictions.


Do I have to put my guests’ fees on my account?

No. Although you may want to “pick up the tab” for your guests you are not required to as we accept cash and credit cards throughout the club.


Can I pay my monthly statement with a credit card?

Unfortunately, Seminole Lake Country Club does not allow statements to be paid with a credit card. However, we do accept payments from all banking institutions using their online bank processing system.


If I am a single member, but have a spouse and/or children do they have access to the club?

Absolutely. Your spouse and all dependents are allowed to use the restaurant, pool, and practice facilities as often as they like.  However, if they decide to play the golf course they will be charged the regular guest rate in accordance with the aforementioned guest policies.


Does the club allow the use of a private cart?

Unfortunately, Seminole Lake Country Club does not allow the use of privately owned carts on the golf course.


Can I walk the golf course?

Yes, annual and winter members are allowed to walk the golf course any day year-round. All guests are required to use a cart as walking is a privilege of membership.

Will I ever be assessed for operating shortfalls or capital improvements?

No. Seminole Lake Country Club is a for-profit, privately owned club and membership does not vest any member with any ownership, proprietary or equity rights of any kind in any of its property or facilities. Members do not have any responsibility or liability for the club owners’ debts or operating expenses.


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